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JB is one amongst the top three leading companies in the field of contrast media in India. We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing contrast media products. Currently, we are ranked #2 in India as per sales value. We offer a complete range of contrast media products including X-Ray, MRI, and Ultrasound in India as well as internationally. Our products are registered in over 30 countries and more registrations are currently under process. We have a very strong distribution network of 100+ distributors and 20 C&Fs across India. We also have a large field force in India that covers major medical setups with contrast media requirements. We also work with channel partners to offer best-in-class services and this has helped us become a preferred supplier for large corporate and government hospitals.


Only Indian company
to manufacture and market
at such a large scale.
Established as a leading,
reputed Indian manufacturer
and supplier.
Enjoying leadership
in many parts of India.
J.B Pharma contrast media products are equal to any innovator company.
Approved as preferred supplier for large Government /Autonomous Institutes and Corporate Hospitals.

X-Ray Contrast Agents

Radiographic contrast media are a group of medical drugs used to improve the visibility of internal organs and structures in X-ray based imaging techniques such as X-Ray, Computed Tomography (CT Scan), Cath Labs and Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA).

Cardiolek Injection (Iodixanol)- Iso Osmolar Contrast Media

Gastrolek- Oral Contrast Media

Trazogastro- Oral Contrast Media

Trazograf- Ionic Contrast Media

Lek-Pamidol (Iopamidol)- Non Ionic Contrast Media

Contrapaque (Iohexol)- Non Ionic Contrast Media

MRI Contrast Agents

These are contrast agents used to improve the visibility of internal body structures in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scan).

Magnilek (Gadopentetate Dimeglumine Acid)- MRI Contrast Media

Gadotrast (Gadoteric Acid) – Macrocyclic MRI Contrast Media

Ultrasound Contrast Agents

US Contrast Agents (UCA) consist of microbubbles of gas enclosed in thin flexible shells. The types of gas and shell material used differ depending on the brand of contrast agent. The microbubbles are generally 1-4 micrometers in size (smaller than a red blood cell) making them small enough to flow easily through the circulation.

US Contrast Agents (UCA) imaging offers economical, non-invasive imaging in real-time with a high soft tissue contrast and without exposing the patient to radiation.

JB has in-licensed Definity from Lantheus Medical, USA, and imports and distributes this product in India.

Definity – Ultrasound Contrast Media

To learn more about Definity, please visit

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Sr. No.ProductActive IngredientIodine Conc.Pack
1.Lek-Pamidol InjectionIopamidol 61.2% w/v300 mg/mL20 mL amp, 50 mL vial, 100 mL vial
Iopamidol 69.4% w/v340 mg/mL 50 mL vial, 100 mL vial
Iopamidol 75.5% w/v370 mg/mL 20 mL amp, 50 mL vial, 100 mL vial
2.Contrapaque InjectionIohexol 64.7% w/v300 mg/mL 20 mL amp, 50 mL vial, 100 mL vial,
200 mL vial
Iohexol 75.5% w/v350 mg/mL20 mL amp, 50 mL vial, 100 mL vial,
200 mL vial
3.Trazograf 76% InjectionMeglumine Diatrizoate 66% w/v and Sodium Diatrizoate 10% w/v370 mg/mL20 mL amp, 50 mL vial, 100 mL vial
4.Trazograf 60% InjectionMeglumine Diatrizoate 60% w/v282 mg/mL20 mL amp, 50 mL vial, 100 mL vial
5.Cardiolek InjectionIodixanol 62.5 mg/mL320 mg/mL50 mL vial, 100 mL vial
6.Magnilek InjectionGadopentetate Dimeglumine Acid 469 mg/mL 0.5 mmol/mL10 mL vial, 20 mL vial
7.Meglumine Gadotrast InjectionGadoteric Acid 279.32 mg/mL and Meglumine 97.8 mg/mL0.5 mmol/mL10 mL vial, 20 mL vial
8.Trazogastro- Oral ContrastMeglumine Diatrizoate 66% w/v and Sodium Diatrizoate 10% w/v370 mg/mL

30 ml/100 mL bottle
9.Gastrolek- Oral ContrastSodium Diatrizoate 41.7% w/v249.64 mg/mL30 mL/100 mL bottle

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