Rich LegacyGlorious Future

The JB story is one of passion and performance. Our humble beginnings more than 4 decades ago, set a strong foundation of principles before performance, and a focus on building quality relationships.

This foundation has seen us achieve a lot of significant milestones: from our first international operations, first accreditations, first products to today being India’s fastest growing pharmaceutical company (IQVIA, FY 2020). Our journey is one of consistent growth and delivering value: to patients, healthcare providers, partners, distributors and all stakeholders.

45 years


1st brick in the foundation laid by late Mr. J.B. Mody by incorporating J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Laboratories.
Introduced the product Metrogyl, that went on to become the “Gold-Standard” brand of anaerobicidal, anti-protozoal. It remains unbeaten even today.
Forayed into the cardiac segment with the revolutionary product Nicardia.
Got publicly listed and expanded from API to Formulations.
Rantac was introduced which soon became choice of healthcare professionals in turn making it an iconic brand. Not only is it the highest prescribed brand of ranitidine, it is also one of the largest selling pharmaceutical brand in India even today.
Capitalised on the vast Russia & CIS OTC market with 2 Brands: Doctor Mom & Rinza.
Received first US FDA accreditation for our Panoli plant: TI10.
Launched the product Cilacar that went on to become a leading brand in cardiology and nephrology. The brand today is one of the highest selling brands in the anti-hypertensive category.
Made a strategic investment in a company in South Africa called Biotech Laboratories.
Received a silver award from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for participation in the Monograph Development & Upgradation Program and preparation and distribution of USP reference substance.
Leading private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Inc. (KKR), acquired a controlling stake in JB.
Ranked 28th in the industry (ORG- IMS) with 5 brands: Rantac (Anti-Peptic Ulcerant), Metrogyl (Amebicides), Nicardia (Calcium Channel Blocker)  and Cilacar-T featuring in top 300 brands of the Indian pharmaceutical market.