Our Philosophy

JB is a holistic pharmaceutical company built on the strong foundation of ethics, teamwork and always putting patients first. Our purpose is to contribute to healthcare globally, support healthcare providers and enrich patient lives. Featured as one of the fastest growing companies in the Indian pharmaceutical markets, we are on a journey of sustained growth and value creation by developing products that increase health-spans, not just lifespans.

“We believe that we are BIG enough to create a positive impact for patients and healthcare providers, yet small enough to still care.”

Nikhil Chopra


Our Driving


Our company is built on strong ethical and moral principles and each of us needs to and not need to embody these principles at all times. Our team is united with acts of honesty, honour, and truthfulness.

Customer – Centricity

We exist because of our customers and we are here to ease their lives. Our company believes in hearing the voice, and perceiving the evolving needs of HCPs, patients, and partners.


Our culture is focused on our people being proactive, challenging each other and taking risks. We encourage bold decision making and new thinking in favour of patients and HCPs.

People First

Our company focuses on collaborations, both internal and external in order to thrive. We understand that with a ‘we over me’ mentality we can go a long way and we shall always put our ‘people first.’


Our company is passionate about its purpose because our people care about the work they do and take pride in it. This passion is one of our driving principles and sees relevance in all organizational functions.


Quality for us is not about an output, it is a driving philosophy that guides us in developing our people, practices, and processes. Our commitment to quality is seen in our loyal partnerships and products that have stood the test of time.